What is XTR and how the process work.

XTR is the name of the Foam it came from Extruded Polystyrene Foam (Not EPS, Expanded).

All Our boards are made with XTR foam, that is 100% closed cell foam, it will not absorb water in the event of a ding like EPS, or PU (Polyurethane, standard old Clark Foam)

How the process work.

Once we get an order, we ask the shaper (Tomo, Lost, Merrick, Rusty , Pyzel, Roberts, JHP, etc) for the file of that specific surfboard, we also help get the right volume and the exact flex for an specific weight of the surfer and wave size for that particular board.

The shaper will email the file to us, we cut the XTR foam in house with our new CNC shape 3D shaping machine, then we send the blank back to the shaper for a custom shape.

The last step is when we get the blank already shaped and sign by the original shaper, we just glass with our non-yellowing environmental friendly Epoxy resin, to match the flex and durability, then we oven cured the board, apply the Thermovents and arrange shipping.