Tomo - Hydronaut - 6'2"



The Hydronaut is an evolved double ended short board for general good wave conditions and especially suited to hollow beach-breaks, Slabs or down the line barrels. The defining features are the fuller nose area compared to traditional templates combined with a tight radius “torpedo” nose profile which provides lower swing weight and forgiving entries on late takeoffs. Further innovation is found in the hull with a Quad inside single concave [ Q-I-S-C] bottom configuration which increases of control and response (especially at speed and critical sections of the wave) whilst still giving the rider a “floaty” free sensation of lift and looseness on the open face that is often lost with a traditional channel bottom.

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Brand - ModelTomo - Hydronaut
Thickness2 5/8"
TailRound pin
Fin SystemFutures (black)
Fin Setup5
ConditionNew (custom dimensions mishap)