The SUB SCORCHER 2 (Single Wing Swallow)

The SUB SCORCHER 2 (Single Wing Swallow)


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Product Description

Ok, This was my favorite Shortboard all year. I wanted to make a board with all the positive traits of the SS2 (easy paddle and glide into waves, down line drive and holds speed though carves) but add more snap and release in the tail. A little more whip! I also didn’t want to change the rocker or positive attributes of the board. Taking influence from Mark “MR” Richards, and his “Super Twin” outline, I added a pronounced single wing, which reduced the tail area, then foiled the rails overall (especially through the tail ) making it easier to roll from side to side, and surf more on a rail. The dims are tweaked a bit from the DWSwallow, on most sizes, but the main ingredients remain. I would call it the easiest riding, all around pointy nose shortboard in our line. I ride them at 6’2″ 21″ 2.75″ (for groveling) to 6’4″ 21″ 2.75″ for every day surfing, and even have a magic 6’6″ 20.50 2.88″, which I rode in solid surf all over Europe this fall. Domestic bliss at its best.


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