The SUB SCORCHER 2 (Hip-Squash)

The SUB SCORCHER 2 (Hip-Squash)


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Product Description

The squash was actually the original tail when developing the SS-2. Developed with Kolohe and Julian, as a flat, fast, no bullshit small wave toy. I got side tracked and added the DoubleWing Swallow before launching in 2013. During the course of two years, a few top athletes have nailed massive results on this bump squash tail version. Most notably Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright winning back to back US Opens, in HB (in 2013 and 2014 respectively) With its low rocker, it requires a surfer that commits to their turns. It likes soft, open faced waves and pushes back at the surfer. It reacts well when surfed with a powerful rear foot. Pound for Pound, “Riss and Tyler are two of the most powerful surfers on earth, and the results show what this board is capable of with the right pilot. The stock dims are tweaked to be closer to what a young, advanced…not so domesticated, surfer would ride. They are not necessarily set up for retail sales.


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