Simon Anderson - DSC - 6'9"

Simon Anderson- DCS- 6'9
Simon Anderson- DCS- 6'9.


Designed to have speed and life but balanced with control. In bigger waves you need to have a board that sets up the wave from the first bottom turn holding the line as pure as possible, no stutter or drift, but then still loose enough to be dynamic on the face and under the lip or off the top. DSC is dedicated to this mission, surfed at 1 to 3” longer and the same width and thickness as your normal all-round short board. For double step-up boards DSC has slight concave in the usual area under the front foot but going to a slight vee through the back half of the board, this vee area has double concave cutting through the vee panels but fading out towards the round tail.
The bottom configuration sets the balance a little more to control and hold in turns to handle the extra speed and power in bigger waves. Double step-up DSC is surfed 4 to 6” longer (or as required) and good surfers can stay with the same width and thickness to a 1/16” thicker than their normal all-round short board, average or older surfers should go 1/8 – ½” wider and 1/8” thicker than their normal short board.

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Brand - ModelSimon Anderson - DSC
Width20 3/4”
Thickness2 5/8”
ConstructionXTR SL-CK yellow (Stringerless Carbon Kevlar)
Fin SystemFutures
Fin Setup3