Lost - V2 stub - 6'2.5"

7752- 6'2.5- Lost- V2 stub- top
7752- 6'2.5- Lost- V2 stub- bot


It happens to most of us. We spend our younger years rallying against anything that stands in front of us, running rampant and causing chaos. Surf all day, rage all night and to hell with the consequences. But then society and, to some degree, conformity grab hold and tame our wild ways. Responsibilities rear and priorities pile up. Water time drops down, waist sizes inch up and life settles in. When you do get in the water, the last thing you need is more work, more grief and difficulty. Precious time in the brine should be fun and easy. It shouldn’t add to lifes stresses and struggles. To help make every hard earned and precious session a success, we bring you the “Domesticated Series”: Generous volume boards designed for having a good time… in your free time, and free you from the drudgery of every day dealings. Minimalistic curves and design elements that allow you to capitalize on and control that extra volume to your advantage, both in the line up, and most importantly, on the wave….translating into higher waves counts without sacrificing surfing performance on those waves. That’s what The Domestic Series is all about …good times, fun and easy.

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Brand - ModelLost - V2 stub
Thickness2 3/4"
ConstructionXTR- 8.0/ FV=3
Fin SystemFutures
Fin Setup3
ConditionNew (custom dimensions mishap)