JHP - Sub Pocket CD - 5'6”

JHP- Sub Pocket CD- 5'6...
JHP- Sub Pocket CD- 5'6..


The design came after the all-around Pocket CD, from the same family of the concave deck series, with the idea for smaller summer waves on California.
The Sub Pocket CD is designed for waves up to head high plus. Slightly wider nose and tail than the Pocket CD. Since we recommend 2” shorter than the Pocket CD, or your all-around board, we reduced the entry rocker.
With The concave deck and the reduce nose rocker, catching waves is a plus on this model.
Concave deck will lower dramatically the center of gravity allowing you to have much more control without adding thickness, customers that rode 2 5/16” now can use only 2 1/16”.
Recommended 2” shorter, and ½” wider.1/4” thinner

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Brand - ModelJHP - Sub Pocket CD
Width18 3/4”
Thickness2 1 3/4”
ConstructionXTR- SL (Stringerless)
Fin SystemFCSII
Fin Setup3