JHP Pocket CD XTR Surfboard

Pocket CD XTR Surfboard
Pocket CD XTR SurfboardPocket CD XTR SurfboardPocket CD XTR SurfboardPocket CD XTR SurfboardPocket CD XTR SurfboardPocket CD XTR Surfboard


Finally, a performance all around board that paddles without much volume, after experimenting with the best concepts for catching waves, we came to the one and only feature that allows performance with extra paddle power, “The Concave Deck”.
The Concave Deck is not new, started with Dick Brewer in the 60’s and It was not necessarily designed to surf top to bottom, or on the pocket of the wave.
This model, The Pocket CD, has a unique concave Deck, it will not change the shape of the rail or tail for high performance surfing.
Since the concave deck allows you to paddle much easier due to the lower center of gravity, you can extend the range of waves from small to double overhead, due to early entry with the same board.
One of the most remarkable features is the stability, like a catamaran with flotation on the sides (without modifying the rail shape). We do recommend this model on any stringerless construction it’s much more forgiving than stringer.
Concave Deck (CD) will lower dramatically the center of gravity allowing you to have much more control and sensitivity without adding thickness.
Recommended: 2” shorter, 1/4” wider, 1/8” thinner, than your standard shortboard.
Check XTR VOLUME CALCULATOR, to see how much thinner you can surf with The POCKET CD.

Standard Dims

5'818 1/21 7/823.7
5'918 5/8225.8
5'1018 3/4226
5'11192 1/1628.2
6'019 1/82 1/1629
6'119 1/42 1/830.4
6'219 3/82 1/431.8
6'319 5/82 1/433.7
6'419 3/42 3/836.4


(Volume may vary + 0.3 Lts. on different computers)


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