JHP Pocket CD Plus XTR Surfboard

Pocket CD Plus XTR Surfboard


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  •   Glassing Bottom Top (DECK) Weight Recommended

    7.C Team 4 oz. 4 oz E + 3/4 "s glass" Under 5.5 lbs Team/Light weight
    7.C 4 oz. 4oz E+ 4oz. "s glass" 4.75- 5.5 lbs. Performance
    7.0 4 or 6oz. 4oz.E+6 oz "s glass" 5 to 6 lbs. Retail/ Durable
      7.2 4+4 oz. (DOUBLE) 4oz E+4 oz. "s glass" Adds 0.5 lbs. Big wave boards

Product Description

After three years in a row of surfing success of the Pocket CD (Concave Deck), we have developed the “Pocket CD plus” for bigger waves.

Basically narrowing the nose and switching from a full single concave to a single to double concave for more stability under any conditions.

Also less rocker and volume on the tail that allows to surf more powerful and hollower waves.
Since its designed for bigger waves we recommend more glass (5 oz. or 6oz. bottom) or Yellow Carbon (stronger) SL-CK

Recommended 2″ to 4″ taller than your height and 1/4″ narrower than standard Pocket CD,.
for Thickness since is concave deck 1/4″ thinner than your standard board or 1/16″ thicker than the Pocket CD.


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