Golden Mean Machine XTR Surfboard

Golden Mean Machine


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Product Description

Designed in collaboration with veteran Hydrodynamica test pilot Daniel Thomson. The mean machine is the end result of 8 years of research and design. Aspect ratio of the planing surface in accordance with concepts explored by Lindsay Lord, Bob Simmons, and Fibonacci.

Stringerless XTR foam with epoxy resin. Available as dual, tri, or quad fin. Average width 19”, width may vary with length. Suggested lengths 5’3″ to 6’2″. Available with glass on bamboo fins, carbon fiber fins, or fin system. A super high performance design utilizing Simmons’ original planing hull theories. Shaped by Daniel Thomson exclusively for Hydrodynamica.

Golden Mean Machine 5″8″ X 19″ Tri

Golden Mean Machine Sizechart


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