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  •   Glassing Bottom Top (DECK) Weight Recommended

    7.C Team 4 oz. 4 oz E + 3/4 "s glass" Under 5.5 lbs Team/Light weight
    7.C 4 oz. 4oz E+ 4oz. "s glass" 4.75- 5.5 lbs. Performance
    7.0 4 or 6oz. 4oz.E+6 oz "s glass" 5 to 6 lbs. Retail/ Durable
      7.2 4+4 oz. (DOUBLE) 4oz E+4 oz. "s glass" Adds 0.5 lbs. Big wave boards

Product Description

The Easy Rider is a board developed for bigger guys and novice surfers. The advantages of this board are ease in paddling, stability when up and riding and versatility in riding this board in all conditions.

The Easy Rider is ridden a lot longer, wider and thicker then your standard short board for stability and paddling. The Easy Rider has a medium rocker so you can ride it in all conditions. It has a thicker thickness flow, with a lot of volume in the chest area for paddle power and a fuller outline. A single concave for rail-to-rail surfing and a slight vee of the tail, so the board feels loose off the back foot.

Waves height: 0-6ft
Concave: Single to vee
Rocker: medium nose medium tail


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