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  •   Glassing Bottom Top (DECK) Weight Recommended

    7.C Team 4 oz. 4 oz E + 3/4 "s glass" Under 5.5 lbs Team/Light weight
    7.C 4 oz. 4oz E+ 4oz. "s glass" 4.75- 5.5 lbs. Performance
    7.0 4 or 6oz. 4oz.E+6 oz "s glass" 5 to 6 lbs. Retail/ Durable
      7.2 4+4 oz. (DOUBLE) 4oz E+4 oz. "s glass" Adds 0.5 lbs. Big wave boards

Product Description

The boiled egg is the perfect board for average waves or intermediate surfers. It’s the flatter board in our range and paddles and planes across dead sections but also can be surfed as a small wave performance board.

With its flat entry and thickness in the chest and nose area, the boiled egg paddles into waves with such ease, you will think the board has a motor. The tail is a different story, with quite a lot of rocker and is thin under the back foot. This allows for sensitivity and performs with ease. The outline has a rounded nose similar to an egg with a pulled in tail. The bottom is single to double concave for that little extra speed and has a vee of the tail for looseness under the back foot. A fun summer board when you want to get out there and catch a heap of waves.


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