Blow Fish


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  •   Glassing Bottom Top (DECK) Weight Recommended

    7.C Team 4 oz. 4 oz E + 3/4 "s glass" Under 5.5 lbs Team/Light weight
    7.C 4 oz. 4oz E+ 4oz. "s glass" 4.75- 5.5 lbs. Performance
    7.0 4 or 6oz. 4oz.E+6 oz "s glass" 5 to 6 lbs. Retail/ Durable
      7.2 4+4 oz. (DOUBLE) 4oz E+4 oz. "s glass" Adds 0.5 lbs. Big wave boards

Product Description

The Blowfish was designed to tackle small surfing conditions and allow the rider to rip just like if he was riding his standard short board.
It has a flat nose entry rocker, full nose outline, and an accelerated tail curve.
The rails are normal and the deck is domed allowing easy rail to rail transition. It can be ordered with a 5 fin set up, which is recommended to make this board more versatile in a wider range of conditions.


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