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  •   Glassing Bottom Top (DECK) Weight Recommended

    7.C Team 4 oz. 4 oz E + 3/4 "s glass" Under 5.5 lbs Team/Light weight
    7.C 4 oz. 4oz E+ 4oz. "s glass" 4.75- 5.5 lbs. Performance
    7.0 4 or 6oz. 4oz.E+6 oz "s glass" 5 to 6 lbs. Retail/ Durable
      7.2 4+4 oz. (DOUBLE) 4oz E+4 oz. "s glass" Adds 0.5 lbs. Big wave boards

Product Description

The Bender was originally designed as a small wave performance board but we have found it goes well in most conditions, especially on a flatter faced wave. If you’re after a fast board with a lot of hold, the Bender is your board.

The Bender has a flatter entry rocker which helps with paddling and down the line speed off the front foot. The tail rocker is slightly flatter then the shredder but has more tail flip from the last 8 inches of the board, giving the board more ‘pop’ and release through turns. The Benders overall volume had been shifted forward allowing you to generate more speed and drive from the front foot. Being thinner in the tail, it increases board sensitivity under the back foot.

The Benders wide point is slightly further forward then our other performance models to give you instant speed and drive off your front foot. With this we have incorporated a slight hip around the front fins to give the board a tighter turning radius and feel looser through turns. The rails are a little fuller and soft for a nice forgiving feel. The Bender is such a fun and easy board to ride, that once your’e on a Bender, you won’t want to get off it.

Ride your bender 1-2 inches shorter and 1/4inch wider then your normal board.


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