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  XTR Dual Density / Parabolic Stringers

Why parabolic stringers?

To improve performance we need to always keep the shape of a surfboard on mind and also have a closer look at the construction of a surfboard.

Javier Huarcaya on Dual Density XTR
in Cabo Blanco Northern Peru (click for larger view)

From new and more responsive materials to a construction that will allow you to go faster with more control on each turn. XTR provides one of the most responsive materials with an added flotation, however when having a closer look at a turn or a maneuver, you will notice that it involves only one rail at a time, and when the stringer is on the center, all the energy needed to execute a turn, gets dissipated in the effort to flex the whole board due to the stringer and the structure of the board.
When high density foam and the stringer are on the rail your energy will have a direct action on the rail you are surfing on, which will occur much sooner and with less effort than a surfboard with a stringer on the center.

After you release your energy the board will react only on the rail you are working on almost instantly, without having to disturb the opposite rail.


Click pictures for larger view >


Click pictures for larger view >
  When connecting turns on a decent wave you will notice an extra acceleration due to the instant reaction of the high density foam and stringer working on one side of the board.

Chris Ward on the XTR Dual Density Parabolic surfing in Puerto Rico
(click for larger view)

The result is simple the XTR Dual Density will give an increase momentum on your surfboard and will generate more speed.

XTR Dual Density, will also give an extra flex for a fraction of a second, these will give you a better and softer landing on powerful maneuvers, increasing control without loosing speed.

XTR Dual Density is designed with performance on mind, however, with a stronger foam and the stringers placed on the rails, you do get a stronger board.

Chris Ward on the XTR Dual Density Parabolic surfing in Puerto Rico
(click for larger view)

All XTR Dual Density is only available with a few top shapers that have included their team riders to test the boards. Lost by "Mayhem", tested with Chris Ward, Shea Lopez, Mason Ho, Cory Lopez, etc. Chanel Islands by Al Merrick, tested with Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Bobby Martinez, Rob Machado, etc.

You can purchase a
XTR Dual Density on this website from Lost, Pulse, Bessell.


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