“To me XTR Epoxy surfboards by Dick Brewer are not only lighter and stronger, they are faster and responsive. You can feel everything and turn where ever you want.
The waves I surf my Life depends on my boards, “Thanks for helping me survive!!”

Garret Mc. Namara (Tow in World Champion),

“I have a secret weapon. The super light XTR Epoxy board, shaped by Matt Biolos” –

Bruce Irons (after winning in Japan),

I love riding my XTR’s they have worked great for me in the last 5 years, My XTR boards, last as twice as long with how sturdy they are and if the waves are going off and I get a ding I keep surfing!

Bethany Hamilton ,

Probably the fastest, most responsive board ever. I need more for Europe” –

Andy Irons (in a message to Matt Biolos),