About XTR


After overcoming numerous obstacles and unethical customers during the past ten years, Epoxy Pro has developed our own line of extruded blanks (XTR) and our specially formulated epoxy resins.

Since our humble beginning in 1991, Epoxy Pro has expanded and improved its production line and services, taking our place as one of the most complete surfboard factories in the world.

We offer CNC scanning and computer controlled shaping, custom extruded XTR surfboard blanks, epoxy resins and repair kits as well as a complete glassing service.

Today, Epoxy Pro is focusing on custom epoxy surfboards, XTR blanks, amd Epoxy glassing services for the best shapers in California: Lost, Al Merrick, Cole, Blair, patterson, Doc, Nezzy, Chemestry, Mad, and many more.

Our manufacturing plant has been located in Oceanside, California for the past 20 years.

We still focus on innovation and we are building more customs and always improving, 1n 2006 we introduce the Dual Density Parabolic stringers, and a high density foam on the rails, was later followed by other board builders around the world spraying the rails with the same color…not the same results.

In 2008 we introduce the Carbon_Kevlar 3D, the most comlicated board to build that offers the most responsive board on a custom level, available on Lost and Pulse surfboards.

Our products will never be availe on comon surfshops due to the added cost of manufacture in USA and the extra cost of our composites, our goal is for all surfers to have the best performance with the most durabilaty and to make you stand out from the crowd, and never miss a session for a ding, your XTR will never suck water

our history

Epoxy Pro was founded by Javier Huarcaya-Pro in 1991 with the specific goal to provide Epoxy glassing services in Southern California.

The company started very small, glassing everything Epoxy – sailboards, paddleboards, and wave skis, but mostly surfboards. During the first four years, the epoxies were growing in popularity and at one point Epoxy Pro was glassing for many shapers in San Diego and Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.

Because extruded foam became unavailable, in order to keep our doors open, we started glassing polyester boards for top shapers.

Many shapers since that time have found out how good our services are. Bill Stewart, Gary Linden, Dale Velzy, Joe Blair, Phil Edwards, Steve Behne, Al Merrick, Lost, Dick Brewer, Rusty P. and many more top rate shapers are our customers.